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Dec 19 2014

More than 8 Days


Share via email Lighting the Menorah each night after dark, seeing the children’s excitement for this beautiful Mitzvah, and singing Hallel, the festival prayer of gratitude, praise, and hope each morning for 8 days, is a reservoir of inspiration that it would be a shame to waste. I wish I could take these moments and put them in a bottle to …

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Nov 15 2013

Kindle the Empathy


Share via email One Friday, Daniel Goleman, renowned psychologist and Best Selling author of Emotional Intelligence, was going down to the subway during rush hour. Suddenly, he noticed a shirtless man curled up on the side of the staircase, not moving. Hundreds of people were just stepping over him. Dr. Goleman had just finished an …

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Nov 01 2013

Same Old, Same Old


Share via email Isaac and Rebecca prayed intensely for children, after many years of barrenness. Each would stand in a corner of the room pleading to their Father in Heaven for the blessing of children. “G-d accepted his prayer, and Rebecca his wife conceived (Gen. 25:21)” Why was his prayer accepted, and not hers? Says …

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Oct 18 2013

Kind and Calculated


Share via email When three desert travelers are invited into Abraham’s tent to join him for a meal, Abraham and Sarah treat them to a lavish feast. Butter and milk were laid out and meat, freshly slaughtered, was offered for these complete strangers. The Talmud even says a separate cow was slaughtered and served to …

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