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Name: Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Date registered: July 20, 2006


Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Founder and Director of Project Genesis, has been called a 'visionary' in the field of Jewish Outreach. Project Genesis supports outreach organizations worldwide, while operating, the Internet's premier Jewish learning web site. Both Yaakov Menken and his organization maintain open communication with Jews at all levels of learning and education, and Project Genesis is endorsed by Jewish leaders from across the Jewish spectrum.

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Nov 21 2014

The Test of Time


Share via email The Torah reading this week begins: “These are the generations of Yitzchak ben Avraham, Avraham fathered Yitzchak” [25:19]. It seems redundant to say that “Avraham fathered Yitzchak” — the Torah has, by this time, presented in great detail the circumstances of Yitzchak’s birth, his near sacrifice, and the process by which his …

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Nov 14 2014

Building from the Dirt

Share via email Following the death of his wife Sarah, Avraham purchases the Machpela cave from Ephron the Hittite to use as a burial site. Ephron makes it sound as if he is prepared to give the cave to Avraham, but in the end takes a tremendous sum for the property. At the end of …

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Nov 07 2014

Elimelech – American Hero


Share via email Have you ever heard of Elimelech Goldberg? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either. [Dr. Elimelech Goldstein, the volunteer medical director of Hatzalah of Baltimore, is a friend and former roommate, but that’s another story entirely.] But if you’re familiar with the Orthodox community, you’ve surely heard of the Chai Lifeline organization, and their …

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Oct 31 2014

A “Lot” of Losses


Share via email In this week’s reading, we learn about two wealthy individuals. Avram, as he was then called, gave up his local work and reputation to move to the land of Cana’an, where, he was told, he would receive much greater blessings. And, as promised, he prospered. The Torah tells us that his nephew …

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