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Name: Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Date registered: July 20, 2006


Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Founder and Director of Project Genesis, has been called a 'visionary' in the field of Jewish Outreach. Project Genesis supports outreach organizations worldwide, while operating, the Internet's premier Jewish learning web site. Both Yaakov Menken and his organization maintain open communication with Jews at all levels of learning and education, and Project Genesis is endorsed by Jewish leaders from across the Jewish spectrum.

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Jul 25

Stopping Baseless Hatred

Share via email We are about to enter the period of time called the Nine Days, the beginning of the month of Av. The Ninth of Av is the tragic day when Israel mourned needlessly after the the evil report of the spies [Num. 14:1 ff.]. G-d said that because we mourned for no reason, …

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Jul 18

An Honest Message

Share via email This week’s reading begins by talking about the importance of keeping our word. If a person makes a promise or oath to G-d, says the Torah, he may not make his words “secular” or “profane” by failing to fulfill his commitment. To make this type of promise and then fail to fulfill …

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Jul 11

When Waging War is Pursuing Peace


Share via email As Pinchas taught us, sometimes an act of violence promotes peace. At the end of last week’s Torah reading, we are told that one of the leaders of the Tribes of Israel engaged in an immoral act, deliberately violating the Commandments. He did it brazenly, “in your face,” challenging Moshe and all …

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Jul 02

May their Memory be a Blessing

Share via email Two days ago, we learned the terrible news that the three kidnapped Israeli teens, Gilad Michael ben Ophir, Yaacov Naftali ben Avraham, and Eyal ben Uriel, were murdered by their captors. Many words have been written, and many more will be, about this awful event. But of all the things that were …

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