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Name: Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Date registered: July 20, 2006


Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Founder and Director of Project Genesis, has been called a 'visionary' in the field of Jewish Outreach. Project Genesis supports outreach organizations worldwide, while operating, the Internet's premier Jewish learning web site. Both Yaakov Menken and his organization maintain open communication with Jews at all levels of learning and education, and Project Genesis is endorsed by Jewish leaders from across the Jewish spectrum.

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Apr 11

Return on Investment

Share via email In the Haggadah, we recount the Ten Plagues that G-d inflicted upon the Egyptians. The Toldos Adam quotes the Medrash which says that these plagues, like all of G-d’s rewards and punishments, were done “measure for measure.” The Egyptians made the Israelites carry water, and did not give them time to bathe …

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Mar 28

We Can Choose Our Direction

Share via email Having discussed whether animals are pure or impure, whether they are kosher to eat or not, the Torah now turns to discuss the purity and impurity of human beings. Yet there is a fundamental difference between the purity or impurity of man vs. animal. An animal is either kosher, or not — …

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Mar 21

The Sign Has it Wrong

Share via email A friend took the attached photo at the enclosure for the collared peccary, a species native to Central and South America (as you can see on the map), in the Jerusalem Zoo. In red letters and in three languages, the sign declares: the peccary is not a pig!! There’s only one problem: …

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Mar 14

Challenging the Obvious


Sometimes things can appear to be very obvious, yet the truth is just the opposite. Without looking deeper and turning to wise counsel, we could make a terrible mistake. Reality may be the opposite of what we perceive!

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