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Name: Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Date registered: July 20, 2006


Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Founder and Director of Project Genesis, has been called a 'visionary' in the field of Jewish Outreach. Project Genesis supports outreach organizations worldwide, while operating, the Internet's premier Jewish learning web site. Both Yaakov Menken and his organization maintain open communication with Jews at all levels of learning and education, and Project Genesis is endorsed by Jewish leaders from across the Jewish spectrum.

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May 27 2016

The Simple Truth

There is a deceptively simple Commandment in this week’s reading: “a man shall not deceive his brother” [Lev. 25:14]. This is distinct from being a false witness [Ex. 20:16], denying having another’s property [Lev. 19:11] and false judgment, “distance yourself from a lie” [Ex. 23:7]. The topic in this case is financial deception, Ona’as Mammon. …

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May 19 2016

The Hidden Holiday

Why doesn’t the Torah tell us that it was given to us on Shavuos, the holiday it calls merely the feast of “weeks” and a “gathering?” And what does this tell us about the Torah itself?

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May 05 2016

Learning from Tragedy

When four Rabbis of the Mishnah reached the Temple Mount, they saw a fox come out of the area of the Holy of Holies. The other three rabbis cried, but Rebbe Akiva laughed. Why did he laugh? And how did his explanation console the other three?

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Apr 21 2016

Teaching It to our Children


Last week, we spoke about the recurring themes of Passover in every generation: freedom from slavery under G-d, those who would hate us, and Divine Protection. There is another aspect to the concept of “In Every Generation,” also found in abundance in the Haggadah: The importance of passing the message on to the next generation …

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