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Basic Stats



Founded: 1993

Founder: Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Initial Target Audience: College Students

Initial Delivery Method: Live Events

First Email-Based Class: December, 1993

Registered Torah.org: March, 1995



Offering Text Classes – Email & Web

Classes Offered: 71

Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Beginner to Advanced: 35

Ongoing “Classes” in a Sefer or Topic: 36

Total Subscribers: 80,288

Monthly Web Visitors: Hundreds of Thousands



Offering Audio Shiurim (MP3)

Participating Organizations: 135

Total Files of Audio: 26,973

Total Subscribers: 27,356

Downloads in 2010: 1,235,421



Offering Ask the Rabbi

Participating Rabbis: 45

Questioners: 19,961

Questions and Follow-Ups Asked: 33,633